Portable Personal Neck Massager!


Neck Hugger™️ Personal Portable Massager


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The same relief you get at the chiropractor can be achieved in the comforts of your own home. The NeckHugger™️ uses effective TENS pulse principles to relief you of your lingering neck pain, headaches, and migraines. 

It essentially provides miracle relief for your tension headaches and migraines, that can provide instant muscle and neck pain relief using heat and pulsation. Try it at home  and if you don’t like it, return it to get your money back. No questions asked.

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INSTANT Migraine & Tension Headache Relief 

IMPROVES Blood Flow To Head

RELIEVES Muscle Tension/Neck Pain

ERGONOMIC Soft Memory Foam Design to Fit Everyone!

Not only does it offer instant relief, but you can see lasting results with consistent usage, unlike chiropractors that don’t last long.

Best for people with

– Tension Headaches

– Migraines

– Pinched Nerves

– Muscle Strain

– Muscle Stiffness

– Neck Spasms

– Herniated Disks

Use it at home in the bed, on the couch, or even for your back in your work space!


Use The NeckHugger™️ massager for just 10 minutes a day  that can last the whole day…

Relief from  painful headaches, migraines, muscle stiffness & neck pain 

Relief from expensive Chiropractor visits

Relief from muscle tension, cervical pressure, stress and anxiety.Not only does it offer instant relief, but you can see lasting results with consistent usage!



This NeckHugger™️ massager uses low frequency electric pulse therapy. Do not use when implantation of pacemakers or carrying metal in the body is prohibited,When you use it for the first time, you may feel an electric shock, which is normal. Long-term use is better, If your neck is dry, before use please wipe neck with a wet towel and use experience it better.


NeckHugger™️ uses the TENS pulse to simulate the best massage techniques all in the comfort of your own home. By soothing and massaging your neck, this device will cure your migraines and give you neck pain relief.

Insufficient sleep, anxiety, stress, bad posture, neck tension and many others are all symptoms of migraines for both men and women. NeckHugger™️ will solve all these problems

Having your own personal massage therapist has never become easier!

15 Different Strength Settings-  to alleviate and get all types of neck pain and migraines with a comfortable experience!

3 Different Modes- Choose from massage mode, soothing mode, and acupuncture mode


Your NeckHugger™️ Includes

1 Manual

1 NeckHugger™️

1 Charging USB

1 Remote Control

All made from premium quality materials to insure the best experience!